Desperate Measures: The Alphabet Men

Desperate Measures: The Alphabet Men by Nicholas Antinozziby Nicholas Antinozzi

The Alphabet Men is the first book in the Desperate Measures series: a hard look into a not-so distant future, where the consequences for today’s apathy are explored and exposed. Loosely tied to the highly acclaimed Desperate Times series, this is a stand-alone work that combines all of the elements desperate readers have come to expect, while shedding light on one of the most explosive issues of our time.

When natural gas is discovered hiding deep beneath Paul Hovey’s cornfields, the aging farmer is flooded with requests to lease his land to allow drilling. Hovey refuses. He is alone in the world and the money means nothing to him. The farm has been in the Hovey family for generations, the only life he has ever known. The State of Minnesota soon steps in and uses their power of eminent domain to forcibly evict him. Continue reading “Desperate Measures: The Alphabet Men”

Desperate Times Trilogy

by Nicholas Antinozzi

How prepared would you be if hyperinflation were to strike tomorrow? If telecommunications ceased to exist? Would you have something of value to barter with? How would you protect what you have?

Desperate Times Trilogy by Nicholas AntinozziThe dollar crashes and chaos ensues, the public is left to fend for itself in a world without goods and services, without law enforcement. Most have not planned ahead, those who have, find themselves fighting to stay alive. The scenario is both timely and haunting. The questions raised are important and demand to be asked. Read Desperate Times and decide for yourself. Could this really happen?

Plausible, thought-provoking fiction; a post-apocalyptic look at what our world might look like after an economic cataclysm. Continue reading “Desperate Times Trilogy”

Desperate Times 3: Revolution

Desperate-Times3-Revolutionby Nicholas Antinozzi

In this, the final installment of the Desperate Times trilogy, Jimmy and his people learn that the economic crisis has passed, but not before a bird flu pandemic has claimed a billion lives. While the FEMA camps may have opened their gates, sweeping changes have been made to the Constitution, which is one of the few things our gridlocked Congress can agree upon. Furthermore, the dollar bill has been replaced by the amero and by the end of the year all Americans will be required to have a microchip embedded in their skin. Continue reading “Desperate Times 3: Revolution”