Desperate Measures 2: The Final Solution

Desperate Measures 2: The Final Solution by Nicholas Antinozziby Nicholas Antinozzi

Sheriff Mike Brannon is faced with the toughest decision of his life. He knows too much about a secret government agency and he’s been warned to keep his mouth shut. Recovering from the gunshot wound that nearly killed him, Brannon must decide between remaining silent and safe, or going public with information he knows will cost him his life. Joy, his much younger wife, isn’t making matters any easier as she continues being drawn into a paranormal world he doesn’t begin to understand.

Special Agent Joshua Cain wakes up one morning and learns that inexplicably, he’s been selected by President Richter as the new Director of Homeland Security. Joshua knows that he wasn’t in line for the promotion, but has no choice but to accept it. The former Alphabet Man soon learns that the President has singled him out because he is expendable. Joshua finds something else he did not bargain for at the White House: love, and it changes the way he looks at the world. He soon finds himself at odds with President Richter and fighting for his life.

Bill Huggins follows Don Ox and his crime family back to their stronghold in Deadwood. There, Bill and the Don work together on restoring and modifying the Pinto Stallion Bill had been working on back in Alvine. The Don is a gifted mechanic and he and Bill devise a fuel delivery system that enables the antique Ford to run on fumes. Their delivery system will undoubtedly revolutionize the industry, but Bill’s self-destructive lifestyle threatens to derail the project and drastic steps are taken to see that Bill changes his ways.

This sequel to The Alphabet Men, The Final Solution will leave you spellbound until the very last page.

Available in PAPERBACK and KINDLE eBook format

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