Desperate Times 3: Revolution

Desperate-Times3-Revolutionby Nicholas Antinozzi

In this, the final installment of the Desperate Times trilogy, Jimmy and his people learn that the economic crisis has passed, but not before a bird flu pandemic has claimed a billion lives. While the FEMA camps may have opened their gates, sweeping changes have been made to the Constitution, which is one of the few things our gridlocked Congress can agree upon. Furthermore, the dollar bill has been replaced by the amero and by the end of the year all Americans will be required to have a microchip embedded in their skin.

Once again, an angry population has taken to the streets in protest. After another hellish nightmare at the lake house and with Patty in urgent need of medical attention, the group attempts the drive to Duluth. They are eventually intercepted by the authorities, savagely beaten and separated. The beatings are secretly recorded and go viral on the internet as their story is leaked out. A prominent television news anchor picks up the captivating tale and somehow manages to interview both Jimmy and Ken, further catapulting them into the spotlight. Meanwhile, Patty is diagnosed as a useless eater and (against her will,) she is scheduled to become an organ donor. Can she be saved? DT3 takes a no-holds barred look at the most pressing issues of our time.

Available in PAPERBACK  and KINDLE format

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