Desperate Times Trilogy

by Nicholas Antinozzi

How prepared would you be if hyperinflation were to strike tomorrow? If telecommunications ceased to exist? Would you have something of value to barter with? How would you protect what you have?

Desperate Times Trilogy by Nicholas AntinozziThe dollar crashes and chaos ensues, the public is left to fend for itself in a world without goods and services, without law enforcement. Most have not planned ahead, those who have, find themselves fighting to stay alive. The scenario is both timely and haunting. The questions raised are important and demand to be asked. Read Desperate Times and decide for yourself. Could this really happen?

Plausible, thought-provoking fiction; a post-apocalyptic look at what our world might look like after an economic cataclysm.

Together for the first time, the fictional series that will change the way you look at the world. The Desperate Times Trilogy takes a hard-hitting look into serious conditions we could encounter in the days, weeks, and months following an economic cataclysm.

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