Make The Dough Illustrated Volume 1: Basic Whole Wheat

by Teresa Hessler

After many years of suffering the symptoms of multiple allergies, I was introduced to the health benefits of homemade whole wheat bread. In my eBook Make The Dough Illustrated, Volume 1: Basic Whole Wheat I illustrate the recipe and method I have been most successful with.

My grandfather – and later my father – owned and operated Italian bakeries in the Bronx and upstate New York. My paternal grandparents were bakers in the Naples area of Italy for many generations. With this sort of family background, one might expect that I would also possess the talent for baking enjoyed by my ancestors. Wrong!

Baking was the family business when I was growing up, but the baking was handled by my father, and later on by my two brothers. My mother, sister, and I worked the other side of the business – servicing customers at the counter, packaging, bookkeeping, etc. It wasn’t until long after my father had passed away that I took an interest in learning how to make a fresh loaf of bread.

Having been raised with the smell of fresh hot bread in the air, I craved the taste and texture. When the small bake shops were forced out of business by the big grocery store bakeries I caved in and began buying their breads – made with refined white flour and all sorts of chemicals to ensure long shelf life. This coupled with all the other convenience foods I began to buy as my career and children’s activities filled my life with busyness, eventually threw me into a whirlwind of health problems. After many, many years of being stuck on the medical merry-go-round without satisfaction of a real diagnosis or potential cure, I turned to alternative health care and improved nutrition. Learning to bake my own bread from scratch was one of the many changes I made in my life to improve my health.

Expecting that I could pick up a cookbook and easily throw together a nice loaf of bread, I jumped in and gave it a try – again and again and again. After many failed attempts, I began quizzing other homeschool moms to find out what the secret to bread making was. It seemed like everyone had their own technique that seemed to work for them. This became very frustrating for me because I’d follow their recipe and still come out with a hard, brick-like loaf of bread that no one wanted to eat! It wasn’t until my friend Lori demonstrated for me exactly how she does it, that I was able to make a nice fluffy loaf of bread that my family and friends craved!

Realizing that I’m probably not the only person who needs to SEE how to do something in order to learn how to do it, I decided to write this eBook in hopes that through the illustrations contained within I might be able to help others enjoy healthy, wholesome bread.

I believe the condition of a person’s health is completely their own personal responsibility. I got off the medical merry-go-round years ago (but that’s a whole ‘nother eBook!) and if you are ready to do the same, I congratulate you and wish you the very best!

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